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What are severe menopause symptoms like?

The most common menopausal symptoms are the hot flashes and night sweats. In severe cases women can suffer over 50 of them a day! They can get soak and wet so they need to change their clothes and change their bed sheets at night! But those are not the only symptoms. Some women will suffer more of insomnia, some of vaginal dryness, mood swings, depression, irritability, anxiety... To help you reduce those symptoms I would recommend reading the following text and using the recommended products. Usually the most effective strategy is to take one product for hormonal balance: vitex in pre-menopause or Vital Energy in post-menopause; and one product for the symptom: Menopause for hot flashes and night sweats, deep sleep for insomnia, St-John's Wort for depression, Passion Flower for anxiety and irritability...

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