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Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is commonplace and is caused by a number of factors. Depending on the cause, it may be possible to remedy the problem in a natural way.


Causes of Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the term used to describe when a man has trouble achieving and/or maintaining an adequate erection on a recurring basis and not just on one particular evening. Its causes can be physical or psychological.

Physical causes: 

  • Hormones: Linked to low testosterone levels. A number of factors can contribute to low testosterone levels, including alcoholism, overgrowth of Candida, and diabetes. A number of medications can also be to blame, including antidepressants, ulcer or high blood pressure medication, as well as drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. 
  • Circulatory: Smoking and arteriosclerosis interfere with blood flow, which may be insufficient for an erection.
  • Neurological: Some diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, can affect the nerves required for an erection. 

Psychological causes:

  • Often linked to performance anxiety and expectations of masculinity. 
  • Fear, stress and anxiety affect how the body reacts during intimate relations.

Diet and Erectile dysfunction

A complete diet that includes fresh vegetables as well as raw nuts and seeds contributes to a satisfying sex life.

Whole grains and fresh vegetables contain many nutrients essential to a healthy reproductive system, such as B-complex vitamins.

Raw nuts and seeds contain essential fatty acids that help regulate the production of sex hormones and increase HDL cholesterol (the “good” kind of cholesterol).

These foods are also a good source of vitamin E and zinc, two nutrients that contribute to the proper functioning of the sex glands. 

To improve circulation in the corpora cavernosa—these are the cavities in the penis responsible for the tumescence, or hardness, of an erection—while reducing deposits in the arteries, it’s best to opt for niacin-rich foods like eggs (soft boiled), peanut butter, nutritional yeast, wheat germ, avocadoes, dried figs and fish.

Fresh vegetables and sprouts provide a good quantity of electrolytes, which help reduce mineral deposits in the arteries, thereby improving circulation.

Supplements and Erectile dysfunction

Some supplements are effective in improving erectile problems, but need to be taken regularly for an extended period in order to re-establish the natural processes. These are not fast-acting remedies like Viagra, which you take only when you need it. 

  • Bio-Strath: This is a general tonic containing all the nutritional elements needed for a healthy sex life.
  • A.Vogel Prostate 1 – Sabalasan: Helps regulate testosterone levels. Studies have clearly shown that it helps with erection problems when they are linked to an enlarged prostate.
  • A.Vogel Ginkgo Extra: Works on microcirculation, so it helps improve circulation in the cavities of the penis for a stronger erection. Do not take with antidepressants, anticoagulants or anti-inflammatory medications.
  • A.Vogel Avenaforce for managing stress and performance anxiety. This product helps reduce stress on the glandular and nervous systems, while keeping your energy levels up.


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