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I have varicose veins at my left testicle and have to urinate at least once during the night. What can I do about that?

To help fortify your veins, you can take A.Vogel Venaforce Extra. It’s effective in treating varicose veins, reducing vein thickness, making them less permeable and reducing damage to surrounding tissues. As for your nightly trips to the bathroom, I recommend A.Vogel Prostate 1, a product made with saw palmetto, which helps reduce the formation of DHT, an inflammatory form of testosterone—don’t worry, it won’t affect the total quantity of testosterone in your system. What it does do, however, is reduce the stress on the male urogenital system. Avoid overly tight clothes, which can hinder circulation. Avoid sitting on cold surfaces or taking overly hot baths. In other words, avoid the Jacuzzi!


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