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Is it possible to get enough vitamin K2 from alternate sources if your a vegetarian? And does Calcium Absorber from A.Vogel contains vitamin K2?

Vitamin K2 main sources are all the green veggies. 

Beef and dairy products may contain some when the cows are eating grass (also a green food but for cows). 

We also have some from a healthy intestinal flora.  The lactic bacteria are producing vitamin B12, Vitamin K, folates... when they are in good shape. 

To help with this Molkosan is an excellent product, it restores a proper intestinal flora, eliminates unwanted bacteria and Candida, stimulates the production of enzymes, ensures motility, as well as increasing the assimilation of alkaline minerals! 

Calcium Absorber from A.Vogel is an homeopathic remedy and by consequence does not contain vitamins.

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