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I sometimes get joint stiffness in both feet (and in different locations) and I suffer from patello-femoral syndrome in my left knee.

Two factors can influence the incidence of joint stiffness: an accumulation of acids in the joints and a lack of alkaline minerals, especially magnesium.

A.Vogel Stinging Nettle is the most effective remedy for helping the kidneys eliminate acids. It contains a large amount of silica, which helps protect cartilage in cases of patello-femoral syndrome.

It’s also important to take a magnesium supplement (e.g. magnesium glycinate, 200 mg morning and night): it’s a muscle relaxant that helps reduce the incidence of joint stiffness.

An osteopath can also correct the alignment of your knees to relieve pain caused by patello-femoral syndrome.

Acidic foods tend to bind with alkaline substances like calcium and magnesium before being eliminated. By doing so, they deprive the bones of the nutrients they need to stay healthy, making them more fragile and brittle. Refer to the list of products to favour and avoid by clicking this link: Acid vs Alcaline Food.

Reducing body acidity calls for a few lifestyle changes.

Try to include 20 minutes of light exercise in your daily routine (especially stretching, walking and swimming). It’s important to stay active despite the pain. However, avoid exercises that involve repetitive impacts.

Stress can also cause body acidification. It weakens the immune system and slows healing.

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