I was diagnosed with PCOS from an internal scan done years ago though blood tests were within normal range. My periods in the past have been a bit erratic and I have had hormone and skin related issues. Since having my two kids my hormones/ PCOS seemed to go. My cycle was regular and skin settled. I miscarried in November at 39 and since then (it's also been generally a stressful time out with this) my cycle has lengthened gradually (to 40 days this month) and I get some skin breakouts. I am very irritable/angry and feel so exhausted sometimes I just can't face doing anything. I've started taking Agnus castus today as it helped regulate my cycle before, but could I take Siberian ginseng to help my energy levels at same time? I am not taking any oral contraception as we are considering having a third and final baby if possible.

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