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I was diagnosed with PCOS from an internal scan done years ago though blood tests were within normal range. My periods in the past have been a bit erratic and I have had hormone and skin related issues. Since having my two kids my hormones/ PCOS seemed to go. My cycle was regular and skin settled. I miscarried in November at 39 and since then (it's also been generally a stressful time out with this) my cycle has lengthened gradually (to 40 days this month) and I get some skin breakouts. I am very irritable/angry and feel so exhausted sometimes I just can't face doing anything. I've started taking Agnus castus today as it helped regulate my cycle before, but could I take Siberian ginseng to help my energy levels at same time? I am not taking any oral contraception as we are considering having a third and final baby if possible.

Firstly, we would not recommend Agnus castus; your cycle is already long and Agnus castus will most likely make it longer. 

Secondly, we would urge that you get your stress levels under control before you try to conceive as high stress levels can prevent conception and also, unfortunately, can be a predictor to miscarriage.

Eleutherococcus can be helpful for your stress levels as well as as much rest and relaxation that you can manage (not easy to switch off with house to run, but try).

You may also wish to look at using an iron supplement to give you a  boost. 

Hopefully, by getting your stress under control everything else will fall in to place.


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