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I have a 15 year old daughter who gets a lot of PMS symptoms 10 days before her period. She is very cranky and irritable. Any suggestions on how to help her?

The good news is that almost anything you do to improve her diet, lifestyle or general health will impact favourably on your daughter's PMS. 

A small reduction in your intake of caffeine and/or refined sugar, a little more exercise, a little more sleep – all of these will help. 

If you move your daughter towards a healthier diet containing more fruit and vegetables and fewer highly processed or ‘fast’ foods, you are likely to notice improvements before too long - I appreciate that this may be hard with a teenager! 

Many women find that improving their bowel function reduces many of the physical PMS symptoms such as bloating and cramping pain. Molkosan® can be very helpful with this.

Stress is a big factor in many health issues, as it uses up valuable nutrients. It is, therefore, worth looking at a good Vitamin B support and  Magnesium, to keep your daughter calmer.

I hope that this helps. Please come back to me should you require any further information and do let me know how you get on.

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