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I've been taking Agnus castus for the last 8 months. It is really helping me. I am no longer suffering from PMS and my cycles length has went from a 22 day cycle to a 28 day cycle this month. I am awaiting my period and am now on day 36. I have tested negative for pregnancy. I underwent and failed IVF last February (2013). The doctors said I have poor egg quality. I am 42. Could you advise me if this is normal for my cycle to extend to this degree?

Agnus castus increases your progesterone levels, and this can sometimes mean that your oestrogen/progesterone levels are no longer evenly balanced; and in some cases, such as yourself, your cycle can indeed lengthen. 

We would recommend that you now stop using Agnus castus as its done its job.

However, if you find that in time your issues re-occur, it can be taken again - in your case, for a few months only - to once more balance out your hormones. 

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