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What can I do to minimise PMS?

The good news is that almost anything you do to improve your diet, lifestyle or general health will impact favourably on your PMS.

A small reduction in your intake of caffeine and/or refined sugar, a little more exercise, a little more sleep – all of these will help.

If you move more determinedly towards a healthier diet containing more fruit and vegetables and fewer highly processed or ‘fast’ foods, you are likely to notice improvements before too long. Many women find that improving their bowel function reduces many of the physical PMS symptoms such as bloating and cramping pain.

Stress is a big factor in many health issues, as it uses up valuable nutrients. It is therefore worth tackling causes of stress and supporting the nervous system with stress-relieving remedies. Many women who are suffering from some of the most common symptoms of PMS choose to take A.Vogel Vitex Agnus castus to help achieve a better monthly cycle.

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