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Can't sleep at all. I take Ativan. Please help me to find solution!

If your medication is not helping you sleep at all, I would recommend that you discuss with your doctor to evaluate if it is worth taking at all. 

The strongest product for sleep in the A.Vogel line is Deep Sleep.  This product helps to fall asleep faster and re-establishes proper deep sleep cycles. As a result, you will sleep longer and feel more rested.  It gradually re-establishes neurotransmitters levels as well, so that over time, you will see your sleep improve without needing the remedy. 

You should not combine Ativan to Deep Sleep because it would create a compounded sedative effect. This means the combination can make you extremely drowsy during the day and sedate you excessively during the night (severe difficulty waking up).  

To help you sleep better, avoid using electronics, computers and television in the evening, to let the brain calm down. 

Reading books (paper ones) is a more relaxing activity.  Avoid all forms of caffeine: coffee, chocolate and soft drinks. 

Reduce your consumption of white sugar, alcohol, colouring, additives and artificial sweeteners (ex. aspartame) because they stimulate the nervous system. 

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