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I work a three shift pattern. When I sleep I wake at least 4 times each night.

Shift work is very tricky to deal with, as the body likes regular sleep patterns! But you can do everything possible to mitigate the effects on the body.

I would definitely try A.Vogel Deep Sleep, our liquid herbal remedy for sleep.

Many shift workers have reported finding it helpful. Take it 30 minutes before your main sleep of the day. You can take another dose if you wake up. The main thing is to avoid taking more than 70 drops in any 24 hour period.

There are various things that are also important, such as:

-Using blackout blinds when sleeping during the day,

-Getting outside in daylight once you wake up (if possible),

-Avoiding alcohol and caffeine to excess,

-Eating regular, healthy meals even during shift work. Try to avoid eating in the three hours before you go to sleep as digestive processes could be waking you up.

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