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Are there ways to overcome a panic attack?

Panic attacks, or anxiety attacks, are usually the result of the nervous and glandular systems’ hypersensitivity and hyper-reaction to stress. A.Vogel Passion Flower  soothes the nervous system and provides relief during a panic attack. 

Deep breathing may also prove useful. Practice this technique a few times a day, not only to get the body used to its calming effect, but also so you’ll be ready to apply it as soon as you feel a panic attack coming on.

Using deep breathing when you feel an anxiety attack coming will really help you relax. Deep breathing is simply a matter of breathing in slowly through your nose and filling your lungs to capacity—inflate your abdomen without moving your shoulders— holding your breath for a few seconds, and then breathing out slowly through your mouth. Do this five to ten times in a row, and repeat a few times a day. You’ll probably feel a little dizzy at first because your brain is getting more oxygen than it’s used to, but your body will eventually get used to it and benefit from its calming effect.

Avoid stimulants like caffeine, sugar, chemical additives, alcohol and nicotine, which can make your nervous system more susceptible to panic attacks.

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