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The immune system question & answers

Find here the most common concerns about the immune system


  • Can hayfever cause nose bleeds?

    Continual sneezing because of hayfever could weaken the nose lining causing nose bleeds. However, if you are getting them regularly or finding them difficult to stop then it is best to get this checked out by your doctor just in case it is unrelated. Read more >
  • Does hayfever affect you while you’re sleeping?

    Yes, you can still suffer from hayfever symptoms during the night.  A good tip is to make sure that your window is shut so the pollen doesn't get into the bedroom and also shower and wash your hair before bed as pollen floating about during the day ... Read more >
  • Do you get a temperature with hayfever?

    Yes, it is possible for hayfever to give rise to fever if the allergic reaction is severe. In fact, this is how the condition was named in the first place! The reason is that an allergy causes the immune system to secrete inflammatory chemicals into ... Read more >
  • Can hayfever make you feel light-headed?

    It is unusual for hayfever to make you feel light headed. However, it is possible - what happens is that any inflammation of the upper nasal passages resulting from the allergy will increase mucus production and swelling of tissues. This can then ... Read more >

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