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Hypothyroidism is a condition that is more and more common and that has an impact on the cellular metabolism.

The condition of an underactive thyroid gland is far more commonly encountered than an overactive thyroid. Hypothyroidism is more commonly seen in women, particularly after the age of 50.

This page describes the causes and symptoms of hypothyroidism and offers advice on suitable herbal and home remedies to alleviate the issue as well as a question and answer service.




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Popular Q&As

I am taking lithium, how does it affects the thyroid gland?

Lithium can cause hypothyroidism, increasing the depression for which Lithium is being given.
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I have dry skin. What can I do?

Treatment for dry skin: Avoid harsh irritating soaps and lotions. Use a cleansing bar just where ...
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I have almost all of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism but not showing in blood work. I was wondering if there were others tests that can be taken.

The only tests that can pick up thyroid activity before the medical test does are home tests. 1. ...
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