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Have you known success with treating hyperthyroidism with Vogel items noted in your column, eg Vogel's Vital Energy, Biostrath and Oil of evening primrose? I will have a nuclear scan in two weeks and fear drugs that will kill the thyroid and of being dependent on synthroid for the rest of my life. I'm 73 and generally very active. Would appreciate your advice. Thank you.

They want a nuclear scan to check for nodules that are possibly cancerous.

If it is the case those supplements will not help you (they will not make it worse but they will not help) but if they do not find any abnormality with the thyroid and you do not have the anti-bodies indicating an auto-immune problem, you can try Stinging Nettle and Bio-Strath and see if they will make a difference.

Remember that hyperthyroidism can be hard on your heart because of an accelerated heartbeat and it is not recommended to stay in that state for too long. You can also consult a naturopathic doctor or a naturopath to individualise your treatment to your specific needs.

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