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bioSnacky Mild Aromatic Mix

bioSnacky® Mild Aromatic Mix


$ 2.98

Mix of lentils, mung beans and radish. The delicate and slightly sweet taste gives a distinctive flavour to soups, salads and dips. …
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bioSnacky Mung Beans

bioSnacky® Mung Bean Sprouts


$ 2.98

Green soy seed with mild and aromatic taste. Mung bean sprouts contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12 and C, plenty of vitamin E as well …
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bioSnacky Original seed sprouter

bioSnacky® Original seed sprouter

1 Sprouter

$ 29.99

The classic model for sprouting enthusiasts. Made from environmentally friendly plexiglass (suitable for food use). Free from cadmium, …
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bioSnacky Red Clover

bioSnacky® Red Clover


$ 2.98

Red Clover sprouts contain vitamins C, E as well as minerals. Great organic germinating seeds! It also contains phytoestrogens called …
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bioSnacky Seed tray for Original sprouter

bioSnacky Seed Tray

1 seed tray

$ 4.99

Replacement seed tray for the 3-Tier Original Biosnacky® Sprouter.
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bioSnacky Starter package

bioSnacky® starter package

4 x 40G

$ 11.49

Assortment of Alfalfa seeds, Mung Beans, Little Radish seeds and Fitness mix. Great organic germinating seeds!
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