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Varicose veins... Are you at risk?

Which of the following situations apply to you at this time? Please answer all the questions. You will obtain an evaluation of your varicose veins risk level based on your answers in addition to some information and advice.

Varicose veins test
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Is there someone in your family that has problems with venous insufficiency? You are at higher risk since there is a strong genetic component to developing varicose veins. yes no
Are you often exposed to overheated environments? yes no
Do you spend long periods of time standing up or sitting down? Are you sedentary? The risk is especially elevated if you do not move much in these situations. yes no
Do you tend to cross your legs when sitting down? yes no
Do you smoke and/or drink too much alcohol? yes no
Are you overweight? yes no
Do you regularly eat junk and/or refined and processed foods? yes no
Are you taking oral contraceptives? yes no
Are you a woman? Pregnancy and hormonal fluctuations can increase the pressure on your veins and/or cause them to relax too much. yes no
Do you regularly wear high heels or clothing that restricts blood flow in your legs? (ex: tight fitting clothes) yes no


(Only if you have answered all of the questions)

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