Natural solutions to fight that post-holiday fatigue syndrome

It sounds like an archetypal 2000s concept, doesn't it?

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Sonia Chartier

25 August 2019

We live in an era where everything seems more intense.

However, it is true that the holidays can leave you feeling quite drained; or, alternatively, have been so wonderful that your heart sinks at the thought of returning to the challenges of "normal" life.

This is the time of year when children begin new schools, leave home to go to University, begin the long grind towards their exams. Change is always demanding and support from the rest of the family will be very important. Likewise, returning to a job to take up the problems you fled from earlier in the summer, can be a stressful time.

So let's take a look at how you can pre-empt some of these difficulties and help both your mind and body to cope more effectively.

Be prepared and beat those Back to Work Blues!

Readjusting to a 'working' time schedule, going back to snatched meals and a caffeine-fuelled environment, relieving commuter hell and computer rage...
Avoid the coffee machine! Caffeine will only irritate your nervous system. Instead, drink calming herbal teas or caffeine-free coffee substitute.
You can also consider a source of antioxidants such as Bio-Strath Herbal Yeast supplements. Several clinical studies have shown that Bio-Strath helps promote well-being by feeding the central nervous system to help you deal with both physical and mental stress.
Herb such as Avena sativa can be supportive, calming you down without switching you off. As it has have no side effects, it is safe to take as and when you need it; although if you feel you need it constantly, you may want to look at your lifestyle and work choices to see if a radical rethink would be beneficial.
Be ready to fight those germs and viruses. Once in the work environment, the threat of office-spread germs, especially in centrally heated buildings, makes Echinacea of prime importance. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, as dehydration leads to fatigue and lower back ache.

Solution to Back to School Beasties

A new school or a new school year can be a daunting prospect for a child. Emotionally there are the traumas of making and losing friends, bullying, personality with teachers; mentally there is the work to handle, with new subjects and higher levels to achieve; physically there are new bugs and beasties to catch and share around.
A good supplement is an excellent start to dealing with all of these factors, especially if you are not sure exactly what your child will be eating throughout the day.
Try a herbal yeast food supplement like Bio-Strath. Bio-Strath contains 61 vital substances naturally present in herbal yeast—vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, amino acids and general building substances—that help to combat fatigue, increase concentration and help support overall health in children over 4.
For calming pre-school nerves, the tincture Avena sativa, which is made from oats, is ideal for children. Soothing and relaxing, it has no side effects and is mild enough not to cause drowsiness.
Echinacea  is the obvious choice for strengthening a child's immune system to deal with the ailments picked up from classmates. If you find your child is constantly sickly during a new term, use Echinacea for a few weeks prior to the start of term, and continue to use it until the danger period is over.

For the older student facing exams and long periods of intensive study, Echinacea is also useful, to ensure that the immune system is not vulnerable to things like Glandular Fever, a typical student's ailment. Glandular Fever is a very acidic condition, so living on coffee and alcohol will only encourage it; but Echinacea can deal effectively with the virus responsible for it, and regular doses of Vitamin C will also help.

A child that becomes constipated or suffers from diarrhoea due to the stresses of classroom life may benefit from Molkosan and a careful avoidance of junk food.

Rather than beating a pathway to the coffee jar, older teenagers could use the herb Ginkgo biloba to boost the blood supply to the brain and improve memory.

Essential Fatty Acids are also important for memory, concentration and mental clarity. Work with dyslexic children has shown that they often improve with EFA supplementation.

Whether you're questioning everything or you need a little help, you can take the necessary steps with these tips to get back on track in your everyday life and health!

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