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A.Vogel Vitex Agnus castus

Vitex agnus-castus is known to help relieve PMS symptoms.


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Find out about PMS, including the causes, symptoms and treatments

Almost every woman will experience a few PMS symptoms at some point during her menstrual cycle. However, when the symptoms become either too frequent or too prolonged it can have a debilitating effect on everyday life. These pages offer practical advice about how to tackle these symptoms using natural remedies and self-help techniques. There is also a Q&A service where you can ask Sonia any questions you have about PMS.

A.Vogel PMS Vitex Agnus Cactus - Hormone Normalizer

A.Vogel PMS Vitex SPM


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Agnus castus is a natural solution that works to balance your hormones, reducing your PMS symptoms.
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If your skin problems worsen in a distinct pattern consistent with your menstrual cycle, it is very ...
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I had constipation, severe nausea, and diarrhea 5 days before my period. Is it just bad PMS?

Your symptoms are typical of PMS (in this case you have a lot of them all at once). See ...
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