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Acne vulgaris (or common acne)

Is an extremely common disorder among young people - the average teenager is considered to be very lucky if acne is not part of his or her adolescent troubles.


Acne arises specifically as a result of an obstruction to the outlet of the sebaceous glands. Sebum collects at the opening of the gland and chemical changes(specifically, oxidation) produce blackheads - known medically as comedones. This exacerbates the obstruction, impairing the normal flow of sebum onto the surface of the skin.

The blocked sebaceous gland swells, with sebum collecting in the ducts of the gland. Infection sets in and produces an inflammatory reaction. If the contents of the gland and subsequent infection seep into the surrounding tissue, a more extensive inflammatory reaction may take place.

Acne and puberty

This would mean (for girls) since your periods started or (for boys) since your voice broke and your testicles rearranged themselves. If so, then you will probably have quite angry, red and obvious spots, which break out not just on your face but also on your back. The answer to this problem is a remedy called A.Vogel Vitex containing the plant Vitex Agnus castus, which balances both male and female teenage hormones to stop them from causing the inflammatory acne that makes your skin (and life) miserable. 

For girls, this herb will also make your periods feel better if they are heavy and painful, and will reduce the angry, irritable type of PMS, making you a much better person to have around! Please note that girls and women cannot take PMS Feminine if they are using hormonal contraceptives such as the Pill. Vitex is perfect for male acne as well.

Treatment for acne around the chin and jaw line

If so, then it is often connected to your digestive system, and will improve if you get your liver and bowel working better. When these two slow down, the body accumulates toxins and the skin tries to compensate by eliminating them. The excess toxins will then have a tendency to block pores and get infected, creating pimples. The additional benefit of this is that your stomach flattens out  and you lose a few surplus pounds. 

If your bowel isn't working every day, start drinking more water (at least 1.5 litres daily of still, plain water, not fizzy nor flavoured), cut down on soft drinks, and take some A.Vogel Molkosan, increasing the dose gradually until your bowel moves daily. To help support the liver in eliminating toxins, you can then take Boldocynara®. It is important to start gradually since this product will put more toxins in circulation in the elimination process and you do not want a massive breakout. .

For even more improvements in your digestive system, your skin and your general well being, cut down on refined sugar (chocolate, cakes, sweets, biscuits...) and replace with dried fruit such as mango, pineapple, dates, papaya, raisins, etc., instead.

Skin blemished all over, sensitive and prone to flaking and flare-ups

You may be sensitive to dairy products, especially if you've ever had eczema or psoriasis. Try cutting back on your dairy intake (milk, cheese, cream, ice cream, milk chocolate, butter) and swapping them for the dairy-free alternatives available in all the health stores and supermarkets. Ask any of the staff in your nearest health store and they will help you out. 

Also, start taking a supplement of Evening Primrose Oil, about 3,000 mg daily, which can help the skin to heal if it's very dry and sensitive. 

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