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Brown spots

Brown Spots are associated with age; as we grow older, our body is naturally subjected to more reactions to free radicals.


Brown Spots

Often called age spots, brown spots result from damage caused by free radicals as well as lipofuscins (a by-product of chemical reactions caused by free radicals that, like pigment, lead to brown spots on ageing skin). They are associated with age; as we grow older, our body is naturally subjected to more reactions to free radicals.


Aside from blemishes caused when dirt and pollution clog the pores, your skin’s beauty comes from the inside out. A well-informed naturopath can guess what is happening inside your body just by examining your skin.

Many skin problems are due to an unhealthy liver. As the liver is the body’s cleansing centre, it seems obvious that when it is unable to process toxins, they will reappear elsewhere in the body.

As the body’s largest organ, the skin is one of the areas where toxins are released. They are often released through sweat, which explains some unpleasant body odours. 

When the liver has too many toxins to process, they accumulate within the body, forming free radicals. These cause the lesions, or the reactions behind the lesions.

Dark shadows under the eyes

Dark shadows under the eyes are generally a warning sign that something important is happening in the body. They can result from various reactions to free radicals. Most of the time, when the liver is affected, the eyes become swollen and then darken and sink into their orbits. At this stage, the toxins have entered the blood and it is time for a cleanse, as well as a move to a healthier lifestyle.

Cleaning from the inside out

Keeping the body clean and regular on the inside is as important as cleaning the outside. Saunas and facial treatments can only eliminate surface toxins – that is, those already being released through the skin. We can keep our face squeaky clean, but if toxins remain, it will show eventually.

Women are particularly subject to rashes, and many suffer from them despite having good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle…

So what is the problem?

HORMONES… The unfortunate lot of the female sex, hormones can cause rashes, especially around the mouth. These result from changes in skin tissue brought on by hormone production. The skin becomes less resistant to dirt and other airborne contaminants, while also reacting to the fragmentation of hormones, that is, the release of toxins by hormonal by-products, which are then eliminated through the skin.

Rashes can be controlled with the help of an effective skin cleanser and daily moisturizer that strengthen the skin and protect it against airborne contaminants.

Boldocynara from A.Vogel can help the liver eliminate toxins. During phases of hormonal production, women may suffer from constipation. Exercise and healthy eating habits can help to prevent this. We also recommend taking Boldocynara before meals, and drinking dandelion herbal tea afterwards.

It is important to determine the stage in your cycle when this treatment is best recommended. Usually, it is two weeks before menstruation, but every woman is unique and must adapt her own routine.

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