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Dry feet and athlete's foot

No need to have sensitive feet to take care of them. After all, they are our primary means of locomotion.


Causes of dry feet

According to scientific calculations, in the course of a lifetime, the average human being will walk a distance equivalent to 100,000 times the world’s circumference. A single pair of boots probably wouldn’t cut it...

But feet are another story. We expect nothing less than loyalty, service and good humour from them, without the option of new soles! So they definitely deserve loving care.

After a shower or bath, we dry off every part of our body, but we sometimes forget to wipe our feet dry, especially in between the toes. Does this sound familiar?

When skin stays wet and softened a little too long, intruders can settle in and develop – such as athlete’s foot, for example (a fungal infection that generally appears between the toes). In individuals with a weakened immune system, this can be a serious problem.

What to do?

In order to avoid foot ailments, it is important that we dry our feet completely, especially in between the toes. 

We suggest applying Bioforce Cream between your toes to make the skin softer.

Plus, to get off on the right foot:

  • Wear comfortable, breathable shoes, or walk barefoot whenever possible;
  • Choose socks made of wool or cotton, as they absorb moisture;
  • Massage your feet with Symphytum Cream to moisturize and invigorate the skin;
  • Protect your feet from sunlight;
  • On days when you’ve put your feet through the wringer, massage them using almond oil mixed with a drop of peppermintlavender, and eucalyptus essential oil… they’ll be delighted!

What do you think?

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