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Back to school already? Oh Yeah!

Stress and sleep | Children's Health

Sonia Chartier

14 August 2014

“I don’t like school! Do I have to go?”

There is a gentle remedy that may go a little way towards soothing a nervous child: Avena sativa is a wonderful herbal remedy that may help to calm frayed nerves.

Unwanted passengers!

Don’t be alarmed, but only one in five people with head lice have an itchy scalp. The best way to find out if your family has lice is to check regularly.

How to protect your children from these invaders? One drop of Lavender essential oil behind the ears, every morning, before going to school. Head lice hate Lavender, causing them to stay away from your children. In addition, it also has a calming effect.


Are your children healthy all summer and then pick up a bug the minute they return to school? You can give them Echinacea to prevent them falling ill.

Echinaforce Junior is a pleasant natural orange flavoured chewable tablet that is suitable for children aged two and above.

The zzzs your teen needs…

Hormonal changes, growing periods, busy schooldays…this may explained why your teen is burrowed beneath the blankets like a hibernating bear!

Bio-Strath has been proven safe for regular and long-term use.  Many parents choose to give Bio-Strath to their teens when fatigue, stress and nervousness enter their lives.  For example, during exam time, periods of emotional upheavals or when they are experiencing growing spurts.

Packed lunch

Try humus and carrot in a wholemeal roll or maybe a brown rice salad or a whole wheat pasta salad: a handful of cashew nuts instead of crisps and some dried apricots or dates or a little box of raisins instead of chocolate. Experiment with different nuts and fruit. Your children may surprise you and thoroughly enjoy it!

A.Vogel Avenaforce®

A.Vogel Avenaforce®


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Avena sativa is Oats. Renown to reinforce the nervous system , it is both relaxing and stimulating. …
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