Sinus congestion? Keep breathing!

Is breathing through your nose a challenge? If you are waking up with phlegm dripping down the back of your throat; finding it difficult to breath quietly through your nose; not able to exercise without struggling for breath or feeling like you’re always clearing your throat – you are enduring the delights of a congested airway.

Cold and Flu

Sonia Chartier

02 February 2015

Sinus congestion is very common, being the aftermath from a bad cold, or brought on by damp changing weather or by allergies.

The sinus cavity is very sensitive to pressure variations, environmental and humidity changes.

Regardless of cause, the nasal membranes get irritated and cause inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the nasal cavity; this is known as rhinitis. 

This initial swelling can cause obstruction of the nose and sinuses and lead to a more serious sinus infection. If the sinuses do become inflamed, other symptoms can develop such as a throbbing pain and pressure in the face, which is made worse by bending forwards. This is known as sinusitis, a common condition affecting around 30% of the population at some time.

Frequent travellers are especially at risk because flying can create many problems, especially for the sinuses. The pressure and dryness in the airplane can lead to sinus congestion, pressure and pain.

There are some things you can do to help yourself

  • Increase your water intake and cut down on caffeinated drinks
  • Avoid dairy products, which can contribute to increased mucus production. Buttermilk, cream cheese and yogurt are the exception.
  • Include foods in your diet that are rich in vitamins and minerals and avoid eating heavy meals at night.
  • Reduce the amount of refined sugar in your diet
  • Increase your vitamin C intake. It is especially important for extra resistance, as is sufficient rest, sleep and relaxation
  • Avoid very cold drinks as they can encourage the formation and retention of phlegm
  • Reduce exposure to cigarette smoke and household chemicals
  • Use steam inhalation to help loosen mucous
  • Keep your nasal passage moist with a spray during flights

Gentle solution

When dealing with nasal or sinus ailments, it is important to use gentle remedies to avoid irritating or drying up the nasal membranes. During an infection, mucus is formed in order to excrete infecting organisms, drying this up goes against the body’s natural healing purpose of ridding itself of infection.

Homeopathy offers exactly the right type of effective yet gentle solution.  Choose products containing Hydrastis, which is unequaled in the treatment of sinusitis.  It helps the body to eliminate mucus accumulated in the entire respiratory tracts. It is especially effective to treat infected sinus.  As well, Kali bichromicum (a mineral) is well known to reduce chronic inflammation of nasal passages and symptoms such as violent sneezes and profuse watery nose drip requiring large amounts of tissues.  To reduce the pain associated with sinus congestion (headache over the root of the nose, across the eyes and in the frontal sinuses), the ingredient of choice is Cinnabaris.

Sinna is a smartly formulated homeopathic combination that includes all those ingredients.  It works to reduce the swelling of inflamed and infected mucus membranes and to stabilize the level of secretion. Since it acts on the mucus membranes and specifically on purulent discharge, it can be used for congestion due to colds. It can certainly be useful for the congestion associated with allergies as well.  Sinna works at attacking the root of the congestion whether it be from infection or from an upset of the moisture level of the nasal membranes and it relieves the pain as well.

Sinna is also available in nasal spray, to provide rapid relief for nasal discharge and blocked or congested nose. It reduces swelling of the nasal mucous membranes, but leaves the natural protective function intact.  For our travellers, it is best to keep your nasal passages clear with the nasal spray. It will help reduce nasal congestion before and during the flight and keep your sinus membranes moist.

Sinna can be used without fear of addiction for chronic sinus problems. It will not cause drowsiness nor does it have side effects.

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