The Complete Power of Fresh Plants

Alfred Vogel maintained that complete effectiveness was only contained in fresh plants. Observation and many conversations with his patients backed up his theory that preparations made from fresh plants have a better and broader effect than those made from dried plants.

For this reason, A.Vogel herbal remedies are as fresh as Nature.  The plants for A.Vogel’s fresh plant remedies are prepared within 24 hours of harvesting.

  • This principle applies to organically grown plants as well as to those that have been gathered from the wild.
  • Numerous analytical examinations and in-vitro tests (laboratory tests) confirm that A.Vogel fresh plant preparations have several advantages over conventional products made from dried plants.  They have a higher concentration of active ingredients, a wider spectrum of effects, better stability and higher activity in cell culture tests.
  • For every individual A.Vogel product that you as a customer use for your health, we guarantee you the complete effect of fresh herbal plants.

A very few plants, which will not grow in the Swiss climate, have to be used in their dried state in the absence of suitable alternatives.


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