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A.Vogel Gesundheits-Nachrichten – the trusted magazine for naturally healthy living (only in german).

  • Alfred Vogel began publishing the monthly
    magazine «Das neue Leben» in 1929.
  • It later became «A.Vogel Gesundheits-Nachrichten», the magazine for naturally healthy living.
  • «A.Vogel Gesundheits-Nachrichten» is one of Switzerland’s oldest and most popular health magazines with a monthly readership of around 80,000.

    Naturopathy classics: the journalistic work of Alfred Vogel:

    • In 1926, at the age of just 24, Alfred Vogel wrote his first book: „Kleiner Wegweiser für die Lebensreform“ (How to Reform Your Life). This work set a precedent for all the publications that followed. Alfred Vogel’s tireless efforts to inform people about health and nature in a simple and easy-to-understand way were rewarded with a great deal of success – not least because he understood like no one else how to captivate people’s interest.


    A sleep diary is a record of an individual's sleeping and waking times with related information, usually over a period of several weeks.
    This data alone can help people pin point factors favouring good sleep.

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    Alfred Vogel's guide to leading a healthy and happy life

    Nature is just about the best thing we’ve got!

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