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Sinus Health Check!

Please answer the following questions. You will obtain a brief evaluation of your sinus health, as well as some information and advice.

Total number of points
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Are you part of one of the following groups: allergy sufferers (pollen, acarids), smokers, asthmatics? yes no
Do you suffer from one of the following : frequent colds, nasal cavity deviation, nasal polyps? yes no
Do you suffer from headaches? yes no
Do you suffer from facial pain : cheek, forehead, nose or between the eyes? yes no
Is this pain worse if you apply external pressure or light touch? yes no
Are headaches and facial pain worse if you bend forward or if you sneeze? yes no
Do you find it difficult to perceive odors or is food tasteless? yes no
Do you have any fever? yes no
Do you feel tired or exhausted? yes no
Anatomy of sinuses


(Only if you have answered all of the questions)

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