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Every part of my body is swelling, from my fingertips to the tips of my toes. It even wakes me up at night.

Swelling can be linked to poor circulation, in which case Ginkgo Extra from A.Vogel or Ginkgoforce can really help. Poor circulation can even reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain, affecting your ability to think and concentrate. 

A glandular imbalance can also cause these kinds of symptoms. If you feel very tired in the morning (even after a full night’s rest), feel skittish and have more trouble than usual maintaining a healthy weight, you might benefit from A.Vogel Thyroid Support – Kelpasan, which helps prevent thyroid problems. 

Try to avoid stimulants such as refined sugar, coffee, chocolate, carbonated drinks and alcohol, as they can all aggravate the condition. It’s important to drink at least two litres of water a day and eat whole foods containing a lot of fibre (6–10 portions of fruits and vegetables each day), to promote regularity, which can also affect circulation and your overall wellbeing.

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