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I've been suffering from chronic sinus infections since a childhood and I also suffer from tinnitus. what can be done?

Tinnitus is typically associated with noise in your ear, either a whooshing sound (ocean-like) or ringing. Having chronic sinus infections does not help because the sinuses often drain in the throat, which can lead to inflammation and infection. The middle ear also drains in the throat and if it is infected, it can block the Eustachian tube and prevent liquids from exiting the middle ear. This is one of the causes of tinnitus. Therefore, taking care of your sinuses is a priority to help with your ears. I do recommend long-term use of both Echinaforce and Sinna from A.Vogel in order to clear the infection and heal your sinuses.

See the following texts for more information. (sinusitistinnitus)

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