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I think I suffer from short-term memory loss, what can be the causes?

There are many reasons for short-term memory loss and many of these are temporary or treatable. These include:

•Changes in hormonal levels during the menopause can cause episodes of forgetfulness – these tend to improve during the post-menopausal stage

•Stress and low mood may give rise to short-term memory problems as you are more likely to be distracted or have difficulty concentrating

•Sleep problems or insomnia can also lead to difficulties concentrating during the day, hampering the ability to remember events or facts

•Excessive amounts of alcohol, for example during a good party

•Certain types of prescribed medicines may give rise to memory problems as a side effect

•A head injury or concussion.

Knowing the cause or factors contributing to your memory loss can help you put in place steps to improve your memory (link to improve your memory).

If you are at all concerned about your memory problems, you should visit your doctor.

To help your memory, I do suggest that you read the following text >> Memory problems

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