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Whenever I eat something my tummy is really bloated. I am 63 and have had a lot of stress and colds.

Chew each mouthful very thoroughly – try to give each mouthful at least 20 chews. This may feel tortuous at first but if you bolt your food it is more likely to turn gassy lower down, so it’s worth a little jaw action to reduce the risk.

Separate drink from food – don’t drink more than a small glass of anything with a meal. After drinking, leave 10-20 minutes before eating. After a meal, wait 20-40 minutes before drinking again.

Make sure that you are relaxing when eating rather than eating on the run. Cut out wheat for a few days to see how much of a difference this makes. Have a non-wheat based cereal such as porridge, rice pops, millet flakes or cornflakes for breakfast, then soup with oatcakes for lunch, or a baked potato with tuna or egg mayonnaise. If you can’t do without pasta, have spelt pasta instead of the usual type, as this is more digestible.

Keep coffee out of the diet completely, even decaf, and don't have more than 2 cups of regular tea (decaf or otherwise) per day, as these often blow you up badly.

Try herb teas such as Golden Rod or Fennel, which reduce fluid retention.

Ban the fizzy drinks completely, as their gassy effect is definitely not desirable. Eat cooked and warm foods in preference to cold and raw foods, as these as easier to digest. 

Try Boldocynara for a few days, to reduce any sluggishness in your digestive tract, which can contribute to bloating.  

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