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I am a man and this year, I was treated twice in the hospital for UTIs, and now, the infection is back again.

Since you ended up in hospital twice already, you should consult your doctor for adequate antibiotics, which you can combine with Bladder Formula - Cystoforce from A.Vogel to help eradicate the infection. 

It can be used during an infection, for a maximum of consecutive 10 days. 

I would also recommend Molkosan from A.Vogel to take every day, for at least 3 months. This product will help restore a good intestinal flora by correcting the pH of the gut.  This is way more effective than just taking probiotics and it will help brake the vicious cycle of chronic urinary tract infections. 

Avoid Cranberry juice while taking Bladder Formula Cystoforce because it affects the efficacy of Uva ursi, one of the components of the product.  See the following text for more information on cystitis or urinary tract infections

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