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For over three years, both my legs have been swollen, my Achilles’ tendon hurts, I have trouble walking and I can’t wear shoes anymore.

A.Vogel Joint Pain Relief is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that can help reduce the pain you’re experiencing. It works on bones, muscles and nerves. It could take two to three weeks before you feel its full effect, but it’s a deep-acting product that doesn’t have the side-effects associated with conventional medications.

You might also want to consider A.Vogel Venaforce, which works on circulation in the legs and helps reduce often-painful swelling.

Lastly, to relieve irritated nerves, try applying A.Vogel St. John’s Wort oil on your feet. Careful not to expose your feet to the sun when using St. John’s Wort, as doing so could result in severe irritation. 

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