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My knee is in great pain. It is swollen and hurts to the touch on left side. Would that cause gout?

If this is a recent trauma, great swelling and pain is not surprising.  If it is an old trauma, there is indeed a risk of gout because it has tendency to develop in weaker joints. 

In both situations, Stinging Nettle from A.Vogel can be a very interesting product to use.  Not only does it help the kidneys flush out uric acid that causes gout, it also helps repair tendons, muscles and cartilage. 

Apply some topical Absolut Arnica gel from A.Vogel to help reduce the swelling.  It is a concentrated form of Arnica (very different from a homeopathic arnica cream or gel) that usually starts to relieve pain within minutes. 

See the this text on gout for more information.

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