Can you get swollen glands in the neck with hayfever?

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“I found this website very informative as this season of allergens have been above normal for myself. The itchy burning eyes and nasal congestion are unusually debilitating. I've noticed Fatigue and swollen glands that all have corresponded to normal allergy season time frame. I have no fever or respiratory problems except that congestion from the normal pollen this time of year. I'm grateful for this forum which helps me know I'm not the only one suffering and somewhat worried. Thanks for the feedback.”

Michael Young



“I agree with another review concerning this page having information unavailable on other pages. Since I was a child I have suffered severe allergies which create havoc for my adrenals. I get headaches, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat and general aches and pains with exhaustion. Most experts insist these symptoms are not from allergies yet they are according to some intelligent souls. Now with corona virus rampant I keep checking to be sure that I am just having my usual issues. I am thankful for this tidbit of information and would appreciate more detailed in-depth data to increase my understanding of what is occurring and what I can do to improve my well being.”

Heather Nissa Ragonese



“Gave me information which I could not find on any other web site.”

Shailesh Gupta


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