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Hi there, Just wondering If the A.Vogel Allergy Relief would be beneficial for Ragweed? Or any other suggestions for treating Ragweed Allergy and would there be a higher dose?

The old name of Allergy Relief was Pollinosan because of it amazing efficiency with all pollen allergies, which does include Ragweed.  They decided to change the name because it also helps with all environmental allergies such as dust, mold, mites, animal dandruff...  The formula is the same which means the efficiency for pollens is still the same.
If someone starts the product in an acute situation it is strongly suggested to stick to the recommended dosage for at least 2 days.  Otherwise the symptoms may amplify instead of improving. This is a common occurrence with homeopathic remedies if you start them in an acute situation. After the 2 days period, the body is used to the remedy and you can then increase the frequency at which the remedy is taken.  Increasing the dose does not do much with homeopathic remedies, increasing the frequency has way more impact.  Taking it every hour after this should achieve the required results.  When feeling better the person can then use the remedy when symptoms flare up again.
If someone starts the remedy in prevention, taking it once a day in advance allows to take it as needed (every hour if necessary) when allergies increase.  This gives a better control of allergies and help keep them at a minimum.
Here is more information on allergies.

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