Take out the toxins!

How would you feel if the bin men didn’t come? If your drains were blocked and your gutters overflowing? Pretty smelly and unpleasant…

Digestion | Healthy Eating

Sonia Chartier

02 January 2017

How do toxins get in?

  • Through our mouths – food, drink, recreational drugs
  • Through our lungs – airborne pollutants such as exhaust fumes
  • Through our skin – cosmetics, hair dye, industrial chemicals

How should toxins get out?

  • Through the bowel
  • Through the urinary tract
  • Through the lungs

What happens if these exit routes are overloaded or under functioning?

The body has emergency exit routes that can be used if the proper ones aren’t working well. These are the skin and the mucous membranes.  A good indication that you are overflowing with toxins is if your skin breaks out and you are full of persistent catarrh.

How do we improve things?

  • Get out in the fresh air every day and clear your lungs
  • Drink at least 1.5 litres of still water daily to flush toxins out through your urinary tract
  • Take herb teas such as golden rod or nettle to help support the function of your kidneys
  • Make sure your bowel is working daily. If it isn’t, take a gentle laxative to get things going – try one containing linseed and maybe Senna for a kick-start.

How will you know if your system is under pressure?

  • Are you tired and lethargic, feeling chubby and bloated, and maybe even nauseous after certain foods? Your liver might appreciate a tonic.
  • Do you feel that you’re retaining fluid, with puffy eyes in the morning and lower back pain? Possibly your kidneys need a boost.

There are several good remedies that you can take if you feel you’ve asked a lot of your system recently.

  • Take Milk Thistle and Artichoke complex, they have a long history of use in supporting liver and digestive function.
  • Take Solidago has been used traditionally to help maintain healthy kidney function

Always check with your healthcare practitioner if you are worried about your health or have new or persistent symptoms.

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