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Hello! I have two children aged 5 and 2 who catch colds or the flu just about every month. Could Echinaforce Junior help them, and if so, should they take it in the morning or at night? Should I give it to them even when they’re not sick?

A clinical study has clearly shown that Echinaforce can safely be taken up to five times a day for four consecutive months. You can therefore give it to your children preventively during the winter to help them avoid colds, the flu and complications such as ear or sinus infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis and conjunctivitis.

What I’ve always done with my own kids is to give them one dose a day as a form of prevention, which I increase to two to three times a day if there are a lot of sick people around them (daycare, school or home). As a result, they’re sick less often than their friends, their colds and flu don’t last as long and their symptoms are much less severe. A study has shown that Echinaforce reduces the intensity of symptoms by 62%. I would give two Echinaforce Junior tablets at a time to your 5-year-old and one at a time to your youngest (the dosage changes at 5 years of age).

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Krista, your A.Vogel Flu Coach

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