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Are there any supplements I can take to aid memory due to the menopause?

You could try the herb Ginkgo biloba as this is traditionally used for memory. B Vitamins are also good for memory so you could add a 50mg supplement in as well.

Nutrition plays an important role 

  • Eat a complete breakfast: favour wholegrain cereals or bread, fruits or fruit juices unsweetened, a protein food such as almond butter, yogurt or cheese. 
    Try Natur Almond butter with Le Fruit spread on a wholegrain bread...delicious and nutritive! 
  • Spread your carbohydrate intake throughout the day 
  • Take a nutritive snack in the afternoon 
  • Increase omega-3 intake; try eating fish twice a week 
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially berries (Biotta Bilberry juice is a good alternative!) 
  • Increase vitamin B intake 
  • Eat iron-rich food 
  • Drink lots of water 

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