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Herbamare® broths

Organic, vegan & GMO free!


Introduction to Herbamare broths

Alfred Vogel’s life philosophy focused on promoting health, with food being of significant importance. He considered a nutritious diet to be the key to good health!

In producing food products, Alfred Vogel made sure to use healthy herbs and vegetables, some of which are referenced in his 1952 publication The Nature Doctor.

  • Parsley adds flavour to your dishes and is an excellent kidney remedy.
  • Lovage has a well-known diuretic effect, stimulates the appetite and acts on bloating.
  • Leek helps maintain elasticity of the arteries and prevent premature ageing.
  • Garlic can help to prevent cardiovascular diseases and has anthelmintic properties.

For Bioforce, quality and health remain key values, and we continue to use top-quality ingredients in developing our food products.

Herbamare seasoning salts and vegetable broths are designed with the principles and values of our founder in mind. We use only the highest quality herbs and vegetables that he valued most for their beneficial effects on health.

...made only from the best ingredients

Sea salt – Like Herbamare aromatic sea salts, we use the highest quality sea salt for Herbamare broths.

Organic vegetable palm oil from a fair trade source – Our vegetal palm oil is Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified. Their mandate is to protect the environment, biodiversity and the social interests in the palm oil-producing neigh- bouring communities and their workers. When non-hydrogenated palm oil is consumed in moderation (1 g of fat per 250 mL of broth), the risk of increased blood cholesterol is very low.

Organic maltodextrin – From organic corn culture, therefore non-GMO. The maltodextrin gives texture to the broth.

Organic cane sugar – This sugar is unrefined so all its nutrients are preserved. Present in very small quantities (1 g per portion), it enhances the broth’s taste.

Organic yeast extract – Ecological alternative to traditional yeast extract. Made from non-GMO, organic raw materials using a certified process in adherence with stringent quality standards.

Vegetables, shiitake mushrooms and organic spices – Organic, healthy and tasty!

Organic chicory extract – Rich in fibre and minerals.

Herbamare vegetable broths are available in regular and low-sodium versions.

Low sodium concentrated vegetable broth

Ingredients: palm fat*, maltodextrin* (from maize), raw cane sugar*, sea salt, vegetables* (onions*, parsnip*, carrots*, leek*), yeast extract*, spices (garlic*, curcuma*, pepper*, mace*), herbs (lovage*, parsley*), shiitake mushrooms*, caramelized sugar*.

Free from gluten, lactose and celery.

Regular Concentrated vegetable broth

Ingredients: sea salt, palm fat*, maltodextrin* (from maize), raw cane sugar*, yeast extract*, vegetables* (parsley*, carrots*, parsnip*, leek*, onions*), chicory extract*, spices (lovage*, curcuma*, garlic*, mace*), shiitake mushrooms*.

Free from gluten, lactose and celery.

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