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A.Vogel’s Herbamare broth - Sustainable Palm Oil


Palm oil use in the food industry

Palm oil is one of the most widely used oils in the food and cosmetic industries for the following reasons: 

  • It does not raise blood cholesterol levels 
  • It is stable when heated 
  • It is cheaper than many other vegetable oils 
  • Takes less land to produce the same amount of oil.

The downside to palm oil cultivation

  • The demand for palm oil is so great that vast areas of the tropical rainforest are being cut down to make way for new palm oil plantations 
  • 83% of palm oil production and 89% of exports come from the home of the orangutans 
  • As a result, over 90% of the orangutans’ habitat has been destroyed 
  • It is presently estimated that around 5000 orangutans die each year as a result of deforestation

What can we do to help?

As palm oil takes minimal land to grow, replacing it by another vegetable oil could cause even more damage to the environment. We can do our share by insisting that the products we buy are properly labelled so that we can choose to avoid palm oil from sensitive areas and instead use those from sustainable cultivation.

The palm oil in A.Vogel Herbamare vegetable broths

  • Comes from sustainable sources. 
  • The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has developed a set of environmental and social criteria by which all companies must comply. These criteria can help to minimise the negative impact of palm oil cultivation on the environment and communities in palm oil-producing regions). 
  • Our Palm oil is ProForest audited 
  • Our Palm oil is organic

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