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I'm 49 and haven’t had a period for about three years. I've experienced most menopause symptoms at some point or another and have managed them, but what I am experiencing now is an intolerable itch in and around my vagina. Could you tell me if this is due to menopause? It’s not thrush, I know that, or any other infection, as I do not have intercourse any longer.

This can be one of the menopause symptoms because, as the levels of estrogen fall, the vagina walls can get thinner, more alkaline and more easily irritated. I would suggest that you see your doctor just to make sure there really is no infection present.

Check with your local health shop for an appropriate cream to apply for relief and do Kegel exercises daily, as this helps to increase vaginal lubrication and tones vaginal muscles. Google "Kegel" if you are unsure of the exercises.

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