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What are alternatives to muscles and joints pain medication?

The role of pain medication is essentially to block the inflammation process in the body. They do not heal the damaged joint nor reduce the accumulation of acids in the joints.

Natural remedies not only help with the inflammation, but also help fortify the cartilages, heal damaged tendons and ligaments and favour the elimination of acids in the joints. Their effect is gradual since they actually work at healing the body. You should feel a significant improvement in your pain levels in about 2-3 weeks.

Natural supplements do not typically have the side effects conventional anti-inflammatory do; they actually help protect the stomach, kidneys and liver. An excellent approach to relieve pain is to combine Joint Pain Relief and Stinging Nettle, both from A.Vogel. Before the effect of this combination actually kicks in, you may be in need of fast relief on a particular area. You should then apply Absolüt Arnica gel from A.Vogel on the affected joint.

This gel is a concentrated Arnica extract, unlike most other arnica gels that are homeopathic dilutions and work very differently. Absolüt Arnica has been shown to relieve pain within a few minutes, in most cases. If your pain levels are very high, it might take a few applications before you feel relief. Diet and Omega-3s have a significant impact on inflammation; the nutritional recommendations in the following text can help you.

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