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The osteoarthritis I have in my lower back is extremely painful, but nothing I do relieves the pain.

A.Vogel Stinging Nettle and Joint Pain Relief are two products that usually help with osteoarthritis  Because they’re natural, they improve the condition gradually, so you’re best off using them for three to four weeks before assessing their effectiveness.

Stinging nettle is a mild anti-inflammatory and is especially useful for eliminating acidity in the joints (a condition that makes them wear out faster), protecting the remaining cartilage and helping distribute calcium more evenly throughout the body.

Joint Pain Relief is a natural yet powerful anti-inflammatory that helps reduce and control pain, but again, its effect develops gradually with regular use.

If you would like to accelerate the process a little and get fast, temporary pain relief, you can apply Absolüt Arnica Gel on your lower back three to five times a day until the other two products take full effect. 

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