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I have Paget’s disease and I am in pain. What can I do?

The pain that accompanies certain cases of Paget’s disease can be alleviated the same way as arthritis pain is, with A.Vogel Joint Pain Relief. The product contains devil’s claw, a plant with powerful anti inflammatory effects.

There are two main theories about the causes of Paget’s disease:

The first is that it’s a viral infection that affects the bones, in which case A.Vogel Echinaforce could be a good choice. It’s a very wide spectrum antiviral that boosts immune system function.

The other theory is that Paget’s is caused by an overload of toxins, suggested by the fact that people exposed to high pollution levels have a greater risk of developing the disease. A.Vogel Stinging Nettle helps the kidneys eliminate waste acids that harm the skeletal system. It’s a mild, plant-based anti-inflammatory that can bolster the effect of Joint Pain Relief. Lastly, stinging nettle contains a large quantity of silica, a mineral that improves calcium distribution.

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