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I am suffering from all PMS types! I have to call in sick for work every time I have my period, for the first day or two. It gets pretty bad…

Taking Vitex from A.Vogel would help all 4 PMS types:

PMS-A: which includes anxiety, mood swings, nervousness, and irritability

PMS-C: which is marked by cravings, as well as hypoglycaemic (i.e. low sugar) symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and brain fog

PMS-D: which combines depression, insomnia, poor memory, heightened emotional states (e.g. crying); finally,

PMS-H: where weight gain, oedema, bloating, and hyperhydration (water retention) are present.

Vitex has a regulatory effect on progesterone and estrogen levels. It can take up to 3 months to reach its full effect, but by then you should be “functional”. 

If you want to accelerate the process, add some indole-3-carbinol (a broccoli extract) once a day along with Vitex: you should see a big improvement within the first month. 

Working a bit on your diet, making sure that you have enough magnesium and good oils can also help you.

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