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I use several of your products and I love them. My husband has sleeping problems i.e. he falls asleep easily and then, after 4-5 hours of sleep, wakes up and can no longer sleep. Do you have any products that you recommend he can use?? Please let me know.

The most popular A.Vogel product for sleep is Deep Sleep.  It is a combination of Valerian and Hops that not only helps fall asleep much faster but also recreates proper sleep cycles.  The result is deeper and more restful sleep.  It is a product that gradually improves sleep by ensuring the production of neurotransmitters. 

It works on the cause of insomnia, and helps the body go back to normal sleep patterns.  If most people feel an improvement the first night, the full effect is reached several days to a couple of weeks after starting the remedy.  Because of its regulating action, the need for this remedy diminishes after a few months of use.  Please see the following text for further information.


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