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I’ve been taking Bromazepam for the past 20 years. What can I do to get off it?

To find out how to gradually reduce the dosage and eventually stop taking it, it’s important to speak with your doctor. There’s a specific protocol that needs to be followed very carefully in order to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

If, once you’ve cut your medications to half the original dose, you still experience anxiety and have trouble sleeping, start taking A.Vogel Passion Flower. This plant promotes relaxation and is particularly effective at reducing anxiety and agitation. Start with half a dose and increase it gradually if necessary, keeping in mind that you’re still under the effect of half of your Bromazepam. 

Try to avoid stimulants such as coffee, chocolate, sugars of any kind, alcohol and nicotine, as they hinder the proper functioning of the glandular and nervous systems.

Eat a lot of vegetables (especially greens) and at least two fruits a day. They contain many vitamins and minerals essential to a healthy nervous system.

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