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5 anti-coughing tips

Your flu coach Krista gives you 5 anti-coughing tips.


Do you cough, hack and rattle all day long? And what about at night, do you get any sleep at all? Find out how do you keep these coughing fits under control. And more importantly: how to  get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Krista, your A.Vogel Flu Coach

Anti-coughing tip - Watch what you eat

  • Keep away from dairy products because they stimulate mucus production. Sour diary products such as buttermilk, yogurt and cottage cheese are an exception.
  • Choose food full of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C is especially important (fruit, vegetables and potatoes).
  • Eat salads with, for instance, a little horseradish, watercress or garden cress. Delicious, healthy and traditionally known as antitussive and expectorant. Just like herbal tea with anise, pimpernel, thyme and goldenrod, sweetened with honey.

Anti-coughing tip - Drink lots of water

Make sure that you always have a glass or a bottle of water around. Water soothes the respiratory tract and thins the mucus, allowing it to dissolve better. 1.5 litre of water per day is the guideline. Besides, it is useful to have water around if you suffer from a tickling coughing fit: it alleviates the irritation.

Anti-coughing tip - Arrange for a healthy living environment

The tickling cough is often triggered by the irritation of the mucous membrane because of smoke, air-conditioning, poorly ventilated rooms or dry air. Therefore, ventilate your home, hang water containers over radiators and keep the rooms dust free.

Anti-coughing tip - Sleeping with a cough

Cough tends to get worse at night. Why? Blame it on gravity. When we lie down, mucus collects in the back of the throat. The body reacts automatically by making us cough.

To defy the action of gravity, you can make your bed's headrest higher with extra pillows. That will avoid the mucus from accumulating.

Do you suffer from a tickling cough at night? Cut an onion and leave it on your bedside table. The vapours it releases alleviate coughing at night. This trick also works on a runny nose!

Urgent need for relief without side effects?

Snuffling often changes into coughing. To have a cough syrup at home can come in handy. A.Vogel soothing cough syrup is a great tasting, alcohol-free, natural cough drink. Cough syrup for dry, tickly, irritating throat coughs.

For a bronchial cough, use Bronchosan. Bronchosan is a natural cough remedy and expectorant. Helpful for hoarse cough, laryngitis or general hoarseness. The joy of this natural cough remedy is the speed at which it works. Often, 12 hours of use can easily make a big difference to your condition.

Watch the video about natural support with the flu and diminished resistance from the beautiful A.Vogel Garden.

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