Overview of a Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet

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Recipe of the month:

Comfort soup rich in in beta-carotene! Not only is it budget friendly but it is also nourishing, packed with antioxidants and very simple to make.

Pumpkin, carrots and ginger soup

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When it comes to managing anxiety, things can get a little tricky as there's so much information out there digest.

The 6 best vitamins and minerals for easing anxiety

7 days to a better perimenopause & menopause

Need help to change your perimenopause or menopause for the better?
My FREE 7-day plan will provide you with the information, support and advice you need as well as a FREE sample of MenoSupport Complex.

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Alfred Vogel's guide to leading a healthy and happy life

Nature is just about the best thing we’ve got!

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